The fashion industry is a billion dollar business, and a big part of what drives it is women’s clothing. Whilst we all like to look good, it is still a fact that more money is spent on this by women than by men. Historically, this has always been the case; from as far back as the earliest tombs discovered, women’s clothing was always more elaborate than men's. In the middle ages, there were even laws in European countries governing what clothes particular women of particular social positions were allowed to wear. Whilst one can argue the toss about feminism and the social causes underlying all of this, it is true that women's clothing gets a lot more effort put into it by industry than men's.

A lot of clothing stores, similarly, are aimed primarily at women. We won't name any particular store here- after all, we are not in the business of giving free adverts or endorsements to any individual business- but walk along any high street and there will be a succession of stores whose primary purpose is women's clothing. Similarly, most highly-paid models are women. Once again, you could debate the ethics of this situation, but whether one likes the way things are or not, it is definitely the case.

Online shopping has revolutionised this whole process. The average woman, if she has access to a computer, has now seen her options increase a thousand fold. Stores are obviously a vital part of the retail trade, but it is now possible to access fashions from across the globe from the comfort of one's own home. You can find an item, check sizes, even communicate with the maker, if they are a small business.

Similarly, with advances in textile manufacturing, clothes are easier and easier to make- designers have more varied fabrics available, and are ever more creative in their works. Of course, some of the wilder ideas that a fashion designer has will never make it into the realm of real women’s clothing (apart from such considerations as cost, not all women are the same shape as the average professional model!), but still choice multiplies. Everyone is different, and slowly but surely the fashion industry is coming to realise this fact. In addition, the fashion media has started to address the issue of the stereotyping of women, and their use of models of a set size and shape. This unrealism in the media has been linked to all sorts of issues, including the rise in eating disorders, low self-esteem on the part of women, and unrealistic expectation on the part of men. It is only in recent years, and as the result of the hard work and sustained campaigns of many people and organisations, that the world of fashion has started to set its house in order on this issue. It's also true that what there has been so far is just a beginning. If these foundations are built upon, that will be a true fashion revolution!

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