For a man clothing is as important to get right as it is for a woman- whilst it may be unfair, the face remains that first impressions are hard to correct, and besides, the old-fashioned notion that women care about what they look like, and men do not, is increasingly untrue. The modern male has a disposable income that can be spent upon personal care in a way that was not possible many years ago. One needs only to look at the huge explosion in the market for men's magazines featuring fashion advice in the last fifteen years to realise that this is the case. The market for men's clothing does still lag behind the women's, but it is growing all the time.

A man clothing shop will have its specialities- once you'd only find clothes for men in the menswear section of a department store, a gentleman's tailor’s, or shops centred around past-times like sports or hiking. These are still there, of course, and have an emphasis on such things as durability and utility, but increasingly, there are more shops for men whose key concern is with fashion. From this point of view, then, the advice a man needs to bear in mind when buying clothing is much the same as a woman does.

Obviously, the two things you are looking for that will usually trump all other concerns are price and quality. What anyone (man or woman) wants from a clothes shop is to buy clothing that you will like to wear, at a price you can afford. Obviously, this will vary depending upon what you want it for- it can be nice to have at least one expensive suit, but there will most likely be some portion of your wardrobe that is cheap and simple, the kind of thing you can wear every day. Comfort is an issue, too, but that of course is more of an issue of fit, and is about taking a few minutes more when picking something out, being prepared to try on a few different ones, rather than going for the "quickly in, quickly out" approach. It may be something of a cliché, but a lot of men can learn from this simple piece of advice!

On the subject of price, it is worth noting that man clothing from discount shops that do the cheapest prices possible are sometimes something of a false economy, as they can tend to be a little less hard-wearing, and need replacing quicker than something that costs a few pairs more. It is certainly worth spending, say, an extra £10 or so on some jeans that will last twice as long as a pair of knock-offs that cost £12. There are also issues with some of those places about the colours fading on items when they are first washed. Remember, something that seems like a good idea now may be a lot less value when it's full of holes in three months' time!

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