If you have a young family, you'll know that buying your kid clothing is an expensive matter, especially if they are an active type! Children wear out clothing far quicker than we would like, which means that a child's wardrobe will need updating on a regular basis. Aside from the side-effects of your little darling's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring muddy places, painting and general destructiveness, they will be growing all the time, from the day they are born until they are around twenty years old. Of course, hopefully, there will come some point when you are no longer entirely responsible, but whilst they are still a kid, it is going to be your responsibility to keep them supplied with clothing, and part of any parent's monthly budget is going to be clothes. Here are a few tips for a parent looking to make the money stretch. We don't have any magic answers- no-one does! What we do have is a few points to consider as you shop for your child.

Durability- this is the prime consideration of any parent on a budget. Whilst your child is growing, you will have to replace things anyway, but it can be a real pain if you are trying to plan buying your kid clothing and they come in from an afternoon's play covered in mud, with holes in their trousers at the knees! It's a fact of life that your child is going to do things that test clothing to their limits. Make sure you pick items made of hard-wearing materials that will survive all your child is going to put them through.

Beware false economy- this is like the previous point, but it is worth saying that if you simply buy the cheapest clothes that you can find, you will most likely be replacing them a lot quicker, and therefore spending more money in the long run than you would if you bought something slightly more expensive in the first place.

Do not give in to pester power! This, of course, is easier said than done, but boundaries are important, as any parent will know. Children will always want what someone else in the playground wants, but these fads will always come and go. Give in to one and another will soon be on its way. If your child is truly insistent, you might want to consider giving them a personal clothing budget, which helps them to learn budgeting.

Learn how to repair clothes! A lot of minor damage to kid clothing can, despite your child's protestations that it is ruined and they need a new one, be easily repaired. Get a sewing kit, learn how to use it! You may even find that this is a good parenting tool- if a child realises that if something is damaged, then what they get is a patch on it, as opposed to something new, they might realise that it's worth taking a bit more care of their wardrobe!

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