Let's be honest- buying designer clothes is seldom cheap. Fashion is an expensive business, and keeping up with the latest looks is never going to be anything other than pricey. In some ways, of course, that is the point! Looking good in the latest fashion is all about showing off your impeccable style, but it is also about demonstrating to those around you that you can afford to buy the best. If money and appearance do not matter to you, then you won't want to be buying things from the latest fashion designers, or the latest spring lines, and there is nothing wrong with that. For those who want to splash out, though, and make a virtue out of looking good, then there is certainly a lot to choose from! A word of warning, though- spending money does not always guarantee a good look! Your own personal sense of style is essential. If you don't have it, then there is no helping you, unless you pay someone else to make the decisions for you! It isn't impossible to keep up, however, even if you aren't staggeringly wealthy. Here are a few tips to bear in mind.

  • Buy online. Every good manufacturer will have a website and an online store. Their designs will show up there, sometimes before they hit your local shopping mall. They may also be priced cheaper on the net than on the high street- after all, the shops are simply middlemen, giving you the chance to try stuff on.
  • Don't be afraid to buy wholesale. For some people there is something of a stigma attached to this, as wholesale goods are often from old lines which have been discontinued, or have simply not sold enough. You can feel like you are somewhat behind the times. Just remember that style is temporary, class is permanent. It is sometimes important just to look different from those around you.
  • Find a designer you like. Each designer, and each fashion house, will have a style uniquely their own. If you know someone makes designer clothes you like the feel and look of (and ideally the price as well!) then pay attention. Remember them. The chances are that the next line they bring out will have something of interest to you as well.
  • Beware fakes. From dodgy market stalls to internet auction sites, knock-off merchants abound, and there is nothing worse than someone wearing what they think is the latest thing, but is actually a cheap imitation. It's easy enough to do, but don't let your wishful thinking blind you to the fact that the logo is mis-spelt, the material is cheap and the only thing to recommend an item to you is that it's being sold at a fifth of the high street price.
  • Finally, know what looks good on you. There's no point in buying designer clothes if they don't suit you. If you aren't sure what kind of clothes suit you, ask someone you trust! A shop assistant, a partner, a friend whose taste you admire, anyone!

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