If you are looking for a good clothing retailer, either for designer clothes or for just your standard items, you no longer have to go into town to do so. More and more outlets and businesses are working entirely from the web, thus minimising costs, and reaching a broader customer base than they otherwise would. This is good for both the small business and the consumer, as it widens consumer choice, and allows those smaller operators to reach a customer base that they otherwise would not. Of course, there are some limitations to how much one can conduct online, but a good clothing retailer will be able to communicate well with their customer about things like sizes and fit, and (rather essentially) will operate an efficient returns policy which, although somewhat slower than going into a high street shop and simply changing it round, will still get you what you want.

Of course, it is not just the small specialist clothing retailer on the web; the larger chains are all there now, with sites of varying quality, where you can view items and stock levels, and you can place orders through online forms which should allow for speedy dispatch. Whilst this is all well and good, it is worth saying that these larger online retailers will, if you are dealing with them online, have a significant disadvantage over the smaller operator. Whilst they will have more stock levels, a larger infrastructure and probably a greater variety of products, their customer service will unavoidably have a more impersonal cast to it. If you need to deal with a problem, such as a return, or an exchange, then you won't be dealing directly with the same people each time. More likely, you will be dealing with a call centre, with all the attendant irritations that this can entail. This is an unavoidable fact, when one deals with the larger clothing retailer online. Of course, this does not automatically entail that you will be getting a bad service- all companies are striving to provide good customer service, as that can make all the difference to them as they strive to attract your business.

Catalogue lines, too, have expanded online. It is obviously a very small step from sending catalogues out, to competing for business on the internet. These often offer lines that cannot be found anywhere on the high street, and as such are a genuine alternative to the standard clothing retailer. The standard caveats about dealing with larger retailers at one remove do still apply here, but it is worth stating that catalogue retailers have, as a rule, been in the business of dealing with their customers online longer than some of the store-based competitors.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice out there. Remember that although all this choice is baffling, don't buy the first thing you see. With a little bit of patience, and the willingness to shop around, you can find the bargain you want.

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