What is the most important thing to consider when buying your child clothing? It's not an easy question to answer, actually, as there are so many different things to consider. Style, cost, comfort, durability, easiness to clean, all of these things are factors to think about. It also depends upon what your child is like. Let’s take two examples, and contrast them. First up, we have David, a quiet, bookish boy who spends his time sitting in a corner reading about history. He will need a very different wardrobe to our second example. She is Portia, a noisy, active girl who loves to climb trees, explore streams, run up hills and crawl through mud! One is quiet and calm, and rarely out of doors, the other rarely stops for breath, and will be frequently caught out in the rain, snag her clothes on twigs, and come home in all kinds of states. It's fairly obvious, even apart from the difference in gender, that a parent will need to buy each child clothing that is best set up to cope with the way the child lives their life. There are a few constants that hold true for every child, however.

Children will grow out of the clothes you buy them! Especially when they are very young, children grow at a startling rate, and what fits them one year will usually not fit the next. This is not a steady progression, either; a child will go through 'growth spurts' from time to time, when they seem to shoot up. This is something that is just part of the way children develop. If you plan for this fact, that every six months or so you may well need to get your child clothing that fits their new size, you won't be caught wanting financially, when the need occurs. On top of this, of course, when puberty hits (usually around the age of twelve, though this can vary quite a lot from individual to individual), both boys and girls (mainly girls, of course!) will have their bodies change shape. For girls especially, it is important for a parent to be prepared to buy the appropriate clothing to cope, as a matter of practicality and comfort, but also to make them feel like the changes they are going through are understood, as they progress towards being adults.

Depending upon what school your child goes to, they may spend a large proportion of their days wearing a school uniform. Whilst most children will bitterly resent this fact, this can be useful for a parent! It certainly makes your decisions easier, if you know that perhaps two sets of uniform in the correct size will be all your child needs for about seven hours of each day, there will be no choices to make! Of course, uniforms can be expensive in themselves, but if you plan in advance, you know that at least you have bought a significant amount of the child clothing you need in one go.

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