Shopping for clothing is something we all have to do. Some of us enjoy it, some of us don't. It has become increasingly possible to do one's clothes shopping online. This, admittedly, is not to everyone's tastes. Apart from anything else many people still do prefer to have the physical experience of picking out clothes themselves and making a decision based on things like on fit and feel, but buying clothing online does offer considerable benefits. You are not limited to stores you have locally, for one thing; any clothing outlet which has a website should be able to deliver their goods to you. This widens your choice immensely, and cuts down on leg-work, too! If you are looking at a major store's site, they should have pictures of their current lines, and (depending on the quality of the site) you can find whether they are in stock, and what sizes are available. Then, depending on the way your shop does things, you can either then go instore and pick up, or have it shipped direct to you. There are many advantages to this, the most obvious being the convenience. Furthermore, with major clothing chains, it is always fairly easy to find a local branch, so if you do have to physically go in and pick up your item, it is at least likely to be fairly close by. This will have also had the effect of condensing your shopping trip from a long journey on foot through a bunch of different places to try different things out into one short trip. Mail order is of course even less physical effort, although you may be getting the clothing you want for less, you will still have to pay the cost of postage. Of course, depending on how far you would have been going to shop in person, this may not have been too much anyway.

You can also find small businesses running through popular auction sites, or clothing business websites, so picking up a unique item of clothing can be very easy. The great advantage of the internet is that it is a completely open marketplace- anyone can be online, for very little cost. This gives the opportunity for individuals, perhaps making one-off or small lines of clothing, to find a market, which from the consumer's point of view increases choice. This may be more expensive, especially if one is, for example, trying to get an authentic Chinese-made shirt shipped to the UK, but if the clothing maker is working from home, they are spared the costs of running a shop, which passes their savings onto the consumer. Of course, you have to have confidence that if the item of clothing that you are buying does not fit, then you have some comeback. Most small businesses will be happy to help you with that, and deliver a more personal customer service experience, being dependent as they are on repeat business. It is in their interests to make you happy.

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